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Learning to skate, in my 40’s, how hard could it be…

Banzai Free Wheeler Roller Skates

Cheap skates, on Ebay, what to do?

They don’t make ’em like they used to, at least that’s hat I told myself when I saw these vintage skates listed on Ebay.

These were the type of ‘roller boots’ I would have dreamed of when I was a kid, the type I’d admire when my parents bought me ‘roller skates’. Roller. Skates. Those metal adjustable skates that would strap over your shoes. You know the type, wheels as hard as the concrete you’d skate on, bearings with as much lateral play as rotation, the type of skates that would land you on your face if they even looked at a piece of grit. Those skates. But, not these skates, these skates were the real deal.

How could I resist a bargain. After all, I never did learn to skate, but now I have these, 40 years later, there would be no stopping me…

Stop, rewind. I’ll admit, I did already have this idea and I bought another pair of skates, modern, Rookie Deluxe skates.Rookie Deluxe Roller Skates

Using these Rookie skate in the house I kind of learned to go forwards and backwards, and now and again be able to stop. But turning in such a small space was tricky, time to go outside, but I didn’t want to scratch and scuff my new skates, hence the eBay browsing and subsequent purchase.